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If when the end has ended & all
that’s been running down begins to rewind
until each beginning has once more begun
the mountains grown taller more jagged
the lightning-splintered pine
scarless & whole shining in the sun
even the crumbling Gardiner Expressway
better than on ribbon-cutting day (not that by then
we’d need it anyway)
your love for God deeper
than when your rescue song was sung
the chair where the kidnapper held you
suddenly empty balls of duct tape on the floor
the soiled mattress of imprisonment
rain-soaked out the back door
If all that’s ever been lost stolen
or shatteredV might be returned redeemed repaired
(or at least those things worth regaining)
friendships renewed
& the resurrected
looking up with recognition
as bones are joyfully reformed
from dust reconnecting
with ligaments restored
then digest my soul this
wholesome meditation
let the Spirit the Spirit of God remind us
of all Christ’s done to unbind us

Photo by Harald Arlander on Unsplash

D.S. Martin

D.S. Martin is the author of five poetry collections, including Angelicus (2021), Ampersand (2018), and Conspiracy of Light: Poems Inspired by the Legacy of C.S. Lewis (2013) — all from Cascade Books. He is Poet-in-Residence at McMaster Divinity College, the Series Editor for the Poiema Poetry Series. He and his wife live in Brampton, Ontario; they have two adult sons.

One Comment

  • Susan says:

    I want this poem on constant rewind. Over and over the goodness and permanence of justice & redemption. New now and perfect. A poem I wish I had written.