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“Here’s a truth, friends,”
He said before leaving:
“Anyone with faith
will do greater things
than these when I go
to the Father.”

Hyperbole. It had to be.
Greater things than
water into wine?
Raging seas calmed?
Lepers cleansed, dead
raised? Really, Jesus?

Then I saw the tree—
dead, fallen years before,
limbs snapped raw like
broken bones, its trunk
a shroud-less corpse
still teeming with life:

nursery for seedlings,
respirator for carbon,
canteen for fresh water;
host to spiders, snails, voles;
construction site for ants
where microbes multiply

as sunlight showers
down a holey canopy,
mothering life miraculous
as moss and myriad as stars,
the Father echoing one
thing and the same:

Greater things by far!

Mark Hiskes

Mark Hiskes taught English at Holland Christian High School. In 2019 he published a collectionof poems, Standing With Alyosha (Dos Madres Press). He published a spiritual autobiography, "Putting Sigsbee Street to Rest;" in Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought (April 1997). He is married to Cindy Hiskes and attends Third Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan.