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Night shadows are the feast
of awakenings.
The outskirts of compassion, absent
of spiritual thresholds.
They are the counterparts
without conversation; the willing
partner in an imperfect sphere.
They are unassuming. Their
intension is directed, visually
controlled, a bondage of motion;
their gifts are weightless,
failing to intrude.
Style is choreographed without
independence or expression.

Roger Singer is a chiropractor practicing in upstate New York.

Photo by anastasia on Unsplash

Roger Singer

Dr. Singer is a Poet Laureate Emeritus of Connecticut, and past president of the Connecticut Shoreline Poetry Chapter, in association with the Connecticut Poetry Society. He has had over 1,300 poems published on the internet, magazines and in books and is a 2017 Pushcart Prize Award Nominee.