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What if the Spirit of God just appeared to me
right now, and it was in a flock of wild turkeys?
I awoke and, lying in my bed, heard something
magical and mysterious – unexpected.
Looking out my window, they were everywhere.
10 or 15 little ones.  1… 2…no 3 elders, watching protectively.
As I hastily pulled the blinds, they rushed away
down the path towards a more peaceful setting.
The turkey’s body, let’s be clear,
is not majestic or powerful.
They wander and peck rather humbly,
scatter quite ungracefully when frightened,
do not impress with beauty or harmonious song.
The Holy also meanders quietly up to us,
as we’re distracted with many things;
doesn’t interrupt, but lets us sense the presence;
takes on a form we weren’t expecting;
can be displaced by our busyness and hurry.
If we stop, quiet ourselves, and wait expectantly,
what meaning will be revealed,
what gift presented – a feather left in the path, 
a vision to carry with us on our journey.

Photo by Sam Ebersole on Unsplash

Rhonda Sider Edgington

Rhonda Sider Edgington is Director of Music and Organist at Hope Church (RCA) in Holland, MI, as well as Instructor of Organ at Calvin University. She performs as a soloist and chamber musician throughout West Michigan, around the US, and occasionally in Europe, where she studied 17th century North German organs and organ music with a Fulbright scholarship, and lived and worked for 7 years. Rhonda began studying and writing poetry in mid-life, instead of buying a fancy sports car, and has co-facilitated writing circles with women in the Allegan County Jail.