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Thanks and farewell to scott

By August 1, 2011 No Comments

Frequent readers of Perspectives know that this journal appears in your mailboxes and is found on your web browser ten times a year due to a small and dedicated team of volunteers. These people behind the scenes, the editors and the board, do their work as a labor of love. The shared efforts of the co-editors and the board create a strong and vibrant collegiality. They are all committed to the vision of engaging in a sustained conversation on gospel and culture from a Reformed theological angle of vision.

Scott Hoezee, in his years on the board, and then as co-editor, has shared deeply in this spirit of collegial vision. I am pleased to write this tribute of thanks to Scott for his remarkable record of service to Perspectives. I had the great pleasure of serving as co-editor with Scott several years ago. I observed his considerable gifts with gratitude and a certain wonder at the sheer array of skills and capacities he possesses.

Scott is now stepping down as co-editor of Perspectives and we want to thank him for his eight years of service, first as book review editor, then as co-editor, and throughout as frequent writer. Scott contributed book reviews, the pithy “As We See It” essays, full length articles, and biblical reflections on the “Inside Out” page.

In itself, this regular stream of contributions to the journal over the past eight years or more is noteworthy. But Scott brought much more to our shared work. In our twice yearly weekend board meetings, Scott’s joy and energy helped create a perfect blend of laughter, stories, working, envisioning, planning, and then more, always more, laughter and delight. Other of his gifts include his deep pastoral ministry experience, expertise in the science and theology conversation, very wide and deep reading, impressive skills as a chef, and genuine optimism and hope for the church.

The joy of shared work around a common commitment in the company of jovial companions is just rare enough in our busy lives to command attention. Those of us who worked with Scott on the board are grateful for his sustained contribution to the mission of the journal, extend to him our warmest thanks, and wish him God’s richest blessings.

Leanne Van Dyk is academic dean at Western Thelogical Seminary in Holland, Michgan.