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It brings me joy to report that to

Scarecrows we all look the same,

Evil people go to the bathroom

The same way good people do,

If smokescreens aren’t a religion

They soon will be, and the pious smile

Is the first sign of a double-crossing.

But if I announce to the assembly

That these days I write more songs than prayers

It would not be a lie, perhaps

A renunciation of the power of gods

To remake themselves in our image.

If I have nothing to hide, I have nothing.

Paradise hasn’t always been a tenement

But it’s happier now that it is.

Photo by Zuzana Kacerová on Unsplash

Rick Bursky

Rick Bursky lives in Los Angeles. His most recent book, Let’s Become a Ghost Story, is out from BOA Editions. His previous book, I’m No Longer Troubled by The Extravagance, is also from BOA Editions. He teaches poetry for The Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension.