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The explosive flutter of quail taking flight;
the plastic twist of hummingbird gossip;
the frantic grate of a hummingbird warning
to a trespassing blue jay.

The sharp pain of exquisite beauty:
the sun rising as the moon sets;
the gentle embrace of verdant hills.

The slimy tracks of early-morning snail commutes
that silently call us from our sleeping tombs
to greet the day and face our fears once more.

But how can I do this
without community, without worship, without routine?
I am trapped in a cage of my own making:
excuses, rationalizations, fear.

And just like that a hummingbird brings me back to myself
to this moment
to the swirling sound of insect song
to the truth:

We have all we need.

Travis West

Travis West is Associate Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Western Theological Seminary.

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