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I drive into the plains when the moon is full. I find a dirt road.
There is a pasture gate with a turn-off where I stop. Horses graze in
the distance.  I know cattle are there. The moon casts a blue light.
I see deer watching from the rise.

The Spirit is not what I expect. A bird with wings made of thorns
that curve as if rings in the trunk of a cut tree.

Once my father drove in the field on my grand-father’s farm— turning
and turning the car in circles— the back door of the old Dodge flying
open— my brother falling out. We circled back. It knocked the air
out of him. He lay on the ground trying to suck air into his lungs.

Now the wings are a pitchfork in the shifting pattern of the Spirit.
Here on earth we are spilled from the father’s car in these swings of
his erratic driving

Diane Glancy

Diane Glancy is professor emerita at Macalester College.  Currently she teaches in the low-residency MFA program at Carlow University. She also will teach a course in Experimental Prose and Poetry at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 2021. Her latest book, "Island of the Innocent: A Consideration of the Book of Job" was published in 2020. Forthcoming in 2021 is "A Line of Driftwood, the Story of Ada Blackjack." "Home Is the Road, Wandering the Land, Shaping the Spirit" will be published in 2022.  Her other books and award are on her website,

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  • Dan Eumurian says:

    I’m very interested in roads that are not always a straight line. My song “Coming Closer to the Wind” is about a sailboat tacking, or zigzagging, into the Headwind, with Jesus as the Captain, heading for heaven’s shore. My master’s thesis in philosophical theology was about a similar process. My YouTube channel Live Armadillo, which can be accessed from my website, will feature interview with “armadillos” from both sides of the highway–and from the ditches. Thanks!