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Not Counting Women and Children

In Matthew’s telling of the feeding of the five thousand, he relates that after the crowd has eaten and were satisfied, the disciples gathered up the leftover loaves and fishes in baskets. The account concludes, “And those who ate were five thousand men, not counting women and children” (Matt 14: 21). Mark and Luke note that five thousand men were fed (Mark 6:44, Luke 9:14). Matthew’s is the only gospel to notice that women and children are not included in…
Christiana de Groot
September 1, 2015

Those Preaching Women

Why a book collecting the sermons of women who come from a variety of cultural backgrounds? One reason is expressed in the words of Anne- Marie Jeffrey, a preacher originally from the West Indies, "I owe many thanks to my small group...they and other great women preachers got this sermon started and gave me a new confidence in my preaching" (p. 114). Women raised in a patriarchal culture need encouragement and role models to inspire them to preach. They have…
Christiana de Groot
October 16, 2009

Was Rosa Parks Proud?

IntroductionRosa Parks, the African-American woman who refused to give up her seat so a white man could sit, sparking the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, has been highly honored. The bus stop at which she boarded is now the site of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum. Former President Clinton signed a bill bestowing on her Congress' highest recognition: the Congressional Gold Medal. After her death on October 24, 2005, she was eulogized as the "mother of the civil rights movement"…
Christiana de Groot
October 16, 2006