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When Dawn Breaks Us

Anyone who has waited and prayed for dawn knows . . . the moments in which we wait and pray for light are hard fought, painful, anxiety-inducing. It is difficult to push forward, to hold on, to hold out hope.
Dana VanderLugt
May 24, 2021
Book Reviews

Subtracting from the Noise

In my classroom, a groggy eighth-grade student confesses that he was up until 2 a.m. watching YouTube videos. My seventh-grade son declares his parents “the meanest ever” when we disconnect his gaming device during the school week. My 6-year-old asks when he will finally get a cell phone. I am quick to be indignant, annoyed and head-shakingly judgmental at the misled youth around me, but, admittedly, I am not much better. My phone beeps, and I drop the dinner I…
Dana VanderLugt
January 1, 2019