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Divorce, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, and Kicking the Can Down the Road

How does a denomination resolve sharp differences of opinion? Can the denomination be a big tent where different views are tolerated? Some members insist that the RCA clearly articulate its beliefs about homosexuality, and make sure that all ministers act accordingly. Others insist that RCA members do not agree on this topic and that it is not the role of the denomination to make such statements. Should a denominational statement decide moral questions and church polity?
Lynn Japinga
July 12, 2021

Atonement Conversation…Continued

In the February issue, three Reformed theologians, George Hunsinger, Gabriel Fackre and Leanne Van Dyk, held a conversation about Christ's atoning work and current challenges and questions about it, "A Discussion of the Atonement: Abuse, Violence Sacrifice and the Cross." To keep the discussion going, here are five brief responses to that conversation.Too High a View of the Atonementby Thomas R. Thompson My compliments to professors Van Dyk, Hunsinger, and Fackre for their stimulating round-table discussion on a doctrinal topic…