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Judgment Day/Justice Day

I suppose everyone has a guilty pleasure. Mine happens to be 80s action flicks. Recently, on one of those rare evenings that occur roughly quarterly, when the house was still and the laundry caught up, I screened Terminator: Genisys. Though not technically an 80s film, I reasoned, as an attempted reboot of the venerable franchise, it fit the bill. Spoiler alert: it’s not a good film. But it does present a pretty compelling theological trojan. The narrative crux of the…
Noah Livingston
October 31, 2017

Paying Attention

Attentiveness is in short supply these days. Perhaps more accurately, attentiveness is rarely practiced anymore. There just isn't much social demand for it. Consider our relationship with media: we have an unprecedented freedom to choose what we watch, read, and hear, as well as how and when. Music may be the best example of this driver's seat-oriented paradigm. The ability to adjust volume, skip tracks, or pause without consequences is a deeply-ingrained and widespread assumption. This sort of control profoundly…
Noah Livingston
January 1, 2010