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Ages ago I left a small town life
searching for something I lost wandering
in confining predictability.
Big city answers filled my small town soul.

Glutted with certainties I staggered home
late one night to find it not there but gone.
A note on the door was all that was left,
“Could not stand the solitude: be back soon?”

I packed my things and left not looking back.
Seeing mother I told her the story
“You think you can leave home and home not leave?”
I told her I had no choice. She nodded.

“Your home felt the same way. That’s why it left.”
I got back on the road. I’m still searching.

Samuel Loncar

Samuel Loncar is a philosopher, editor, and poet. He is the Editor of The Marginalia Review of Books, where he also serves as Director of the Meanings of Science Project. As the creator and host of Becoming Human: A Show for a Species in Crisis, he brings his original research and ideas to the general public. He is the creator and designer of the Eidosphere.