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a woman sky eternal silence
springs the sun newborn
alabaster is the memory
where singular is the right purpose of the heart
iridescent body
does not cling for all is mystery
all cosmos
the circle
a broken son
hunted for like treasure
of fertile fields
desert   stones    great river
is the temple chant
spelled forever
                     like the stars

Photo by J Medic on Unsplash

Sister Lou Ella Hickman

Sister Lou Ella Hickman has a master’s in theology from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and is a former teacher and librarian. She is a certified spiritual director as well as a poet and writer. Her poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. She was a Pushcart nominee in 2017 and 2020. Press 53 published her first book of poetry entitled she: robed and wordless in 2015. James Lee III composed music for five of her poems from her book entitled “Chavah’s Daughters Speak” which was performed at Y92 (New York City) in May 2021.