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What’s woven then
in broken times
is this:
a blessing

from the linen strips
of lamentation
peeled Lazarus-like
off our souls
by sisters unravelling
with gentle fingers
the binding of our separate selves
to set us loose to life again.

And again.
Encircling as we meet each week
in squares made sacred by
our intention
to greet each other wholly
in this pandemic moment.

We lay sorrows, joys upon the table:
a field of bones, a prairie sky,
the evening dance of fireflies,
a red fox burrow in the new stone wall,
a diagnosis gone awry.

We take these strands
and weave a blessing
in these broken times
to bind us.
To remind us
we are

Photo by Wei-Cheng Wu on Unsplash

Nancy Huggett

Nancy Huggett is a caregiver, writer, and licensed lay worship leader in the United Church of Canada.