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“‘Wow! This is Perspectives?’ That’s how we hope you react as you pick up this issue.”

We began a From the Editors with that line in the January/February 2011 issue of Perspectives. At that time, the editors and board believed the journal needed a fresh look to signal a renewed commitment to be our best. And, if you don’t mind our saying so, the new-and-improved print edition has been well received.

We said something else in that From the Editors in January/February 2011: “Rapidly changing technology is altering how people gather information and opinions, and how they use and interact with content. In response to these shifting tides, we have for several years been committing increased resources to our website, In fact, our website will soon undergo a corresponding redesign. Check back often, as further website innovations are on the way.”

As you now know, “soon” turned out to be a very elastic concept – it took four years for our snazzy new
website to be launched.

We are pleased and excited by our new website. We have shaped it to be an expression of our best intentions for Perspectives. Over time, we hope our revised website will also reshape us, push us to be a sharper lens, a better friend. And we thank you, our patient friends and readers. “Wow! This is Perspectives?” That’s how we hope you react as you click open this issue.